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Regular giving is an important part of our Christian Life. God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9 v 7). It is important also individually to review giving regularly to make sure our giving is inline with Gods plans for us as a body. The expenses to run the church and to pay for ministry increase in the same way our cost of living does yet our regular giving does not always increase likewise. Recently the stewards produced a document about giving click here to read it. Please remember the Youth Vision Trust explained below which pays for our youth work and youth outreach. Contributions to that should be separated from to giving to the church although it is part of  church activities.

Youth For Christ which also operates from the church is completely separate and although the church helps to support Youth for Christ it is a separate charity with its own administration including doing its own fund raising

At Ivybridge methodist church giving for our youth worker (whose contract also includes oversight of the children’s work) is done through the YOUTH Vision Trust. If you wish to make a gift to the Trust contact Andrew Phillips on or Phone 01752 894828. Alternatively download a form here YVT form

If you wish to give or update your giving generally please contact Andrew Lawrie whose email is or complete and return the Gift Aid form (click to obtain form)and standing order form (click here) By Gift Aiding your giving the Church will be able to reclaim 25% more from the Government. You can of course just put money in the collection but regular giving helps the church to budget its income. Thank You.