Lunch on Tuesdays

For a long time now the church has offered cafe style lunch on a Tuesday .  The Main attraction seems to be our special of the day which includes a cooked main meal and a pudding on offer. For the first 3 months of 2016 the main course has been such items as beef casserole, cottage pie, somerset chicken, chicken supreme, steak and kidney pie, gammon steak and the list goes on. For pudding we tend to stick to traditional items such as steam and baked puddings and bread and butter pudding. There are a variety of other items on the menu including, tosties, jacket potatoes, beans on toast drinks etc.

Watch out for the days when we serve a special dinner only these will now only be twice a year at the beginning of the year and Harvest.

We welcome all ages and would really encourage you to use the service. if you want to come unless it is a special just attend at around 12.30pm and you will be served.

For more Pictures including pictures of the variety of dishes we produce click here


Below Summer Special 27th June 2017

Below our Harvest Special 2016


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