Compassion is an international Christian child development and child advocacy ministry. Partnering with local churches, we are committed to the spiritual, economic, social and physical development of children living in extreme poverty in 26 countries, enabling them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.

Ivybridge Methodist Church members are sponsoring children from Kisumu: Life Kisumu Child Development Center: Project: KE-434 Location: Manyatta B, 4 km southeast of Kisumu, Kenya. The children sponsored by IMC live on the plains of Manyatta B, home to approximately 100,000 residents. Typical houses are constructed of dirt floors, mud walls and tin roofs. The primary ethnic group and most commonly spoken language is Luo. The regional diet consists of maize, beans, fish, bread, beef, and rice. Common health problems in this area include malaria, typhoid, diarrhea, HIV/AIDS, skin diseases, tuberculosis and malnutrition. Most adults in Manyatta B are unemployed but some work as day labourers and earn the equivalent of $35 per month. This community needs improved sanitation, tuition assistance, employment opportunities, business management skills training and income-generating activities. The sponsorship allows the staff of Key to Life Kisumu Child Development Center to provide the sponsored children with Bible teaching, health screenings, games, health education and tuition. The center staff will also provide parenting education for the parents or guardians of the sponsored child.

At the end of February 2019 a team of 8 of us from the church went to visit the project in Kisumu. We were welcomed by a marching band formed from the boys and girls brigade. After Mark and Carolyn had inspected the brigade the team went and helped serve breakfast to approximately 300 children that attended the project every Saturday. We then helped with an assembly after which we played with the children for a while before they went off to their classes. We had a brief look at what they were being taught, then it was time for us to have photos taken with all the children that members of the church support before eventually saying goodbye about 3.30 and heading off to our final destination of Kakamega.

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