Ivybridge Methodist Church seeks to be a body of Christians who are committed to Jesus Christ and to each other. Out of this commitment flows a desire to serve the town and surrounding area. We strive to be open and friendly to people, accepting people as they are. Our aim is to be true to the standards which God has laid down in the Bible. We seek to follow Jesus Christ and to be full of the Holy Spirit, who leads us into the truth of God. As a church we would be delighted to welcome you as part of our life here and aim to offer a place where people can encounter and worship the living God. Also, we seek to encourage Christians to find their place within the body of Christ.

We want to offer a welcome to all those who wish to explore or further their Christian journey. You can bring doubts, questions and struggles and hopefully find help here.


Our vision is to be a Beacon Church, a church that shares the love of Jesus with others. This Vision is captured in our church logo – Sharing Life, Sharing Faith. We aim to fulfil this vision by providing accessible worship to those who wish to follow Christ enabling us to encounter God regardless of where we are on our journey of faith, sharing God’s good news with our church family and those in our community unconditionally serving others and giving generously both locally and elsewhere around the world, and finally encouraging spiritual growth as children of God, doing what God called us to do.


Here at Ivybridge Methodist Church we strive to provide accessible worship to those who wish to follow Christ, and so we record and make our main Sunday talks available on Sound Cloud.

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