The podcast of sermons for June are now online and don’t forget the beach Party! June 27, 2018 12:34 PM

I have now uploaded the Podcasts from the beginning of June. Unfortunately 2 of the recordings are not the best but if you listen carefully I am sure you will benefit from hearing them or hearing them again. To listen to or download Marks sermon on the lines in the Lords prayer “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil” click here .To download or listen to Marks sermon “For yours is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory” click here (quality of the recording poor). To Listen to Marks sermon on small groups click here. To listen to Carolyns sermon on the need to choose our words carefully click here. Or click here to go to the podcast page and choose from a menu the sermon you want to listen too.

Don’t forget the beach Party on Friday although it is primarily for young people it is a wonderful evening to volunteer for and come and see what goes on. Adult help is always needed and there are many light jobs people can do.

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