Fellowship for “third-agers”,all are welcome. We meet fortnightly  in the IMC Cafe. The dates for the next meetings are set out below. Meetings are usually on a Friday from 2.30 to 4.00 pm with a charge of £1 each time you attend

 6th September 2019 “You don’t know this about me”

 20th September 2019 “Sweden North and South with Christine and David”

4th October 2019 Rev Mark Lawrence “Kenya Capers”

18th October 2019 Christmas Show Boxes and workshops for RNIB

8th November 2019 The Breakfast Trust with Angus Dugdale

22nd November 2019 Making Christmas Wreaths led by gill rickets

6th December 2019 Victorian Christmas with Tony Rea

We are an open fellowship all are welcome and look forward to your visit.

If you need more information contact  Val Marriott 893614,  Sara Bromage 894198,  Judy Jago 894829,  Sue Pengilly 896444,  David and Christine Moulder 892858,  Maureen 894203

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