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Hello again everyone

Thanks to David and Christine, and Gill, for recommending the Snape’s Point walk.  We reccied it last Saturday; with the scenery and the sunshine, the views were spectacular, so we shall do that for our next walk.
The walk around Snape’s Point, dropping down into Batson Creek, and then along to Shadycombe in Salcombe before back up to the car park is around a 4 mile walk.  The views extend up to Kingsbridge, and all along the estuary to Salcombe, and truly are wonderful.  Most of the walk is level or downhill to the view point, where we will stop for a drink and snack – which you will need to bring along with you.  There is then a downhill section, followed by a couple of slopes to Batson Creek.  It is then a level stroll into Salcombe, – and the stop for ice cream or coffee at Salcombe Dairy makes it well worthwhile stopping there – and there are also toilets there for a comfort stop!  It’s then back to Batson Creek, and one steep hill back up to the car park.  However, as we will have the cars there – so no time constraints, – I’m sure you’ll all be able to do it, and will thoroughly enjoy the views.
As the car park is quite small, we will take the minimum number of cars necessary.  Please meet at Ivybridge Railway Station at 9.00 am, on Saturday 6th October, and please do let me know whether you need a lift or have spare seats to offer.  Please wear good walking shoes, as the walk goes through fields and along lanes.  It is advertised as quite easy walking, but it’s always a good idea to bring walking poles if you use them.  Do also bring a drink and snack with you, to enjoy at the viewpoint.
I hope to see lots of you there; I know you’ll all enjoy it.





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